Themis simplifies managing your lab.

Let your software adapt to you.

Your laboratory already has set processes for handling case work.  Why should you change these processes, re-train employees, and spend time and money just to adopt new software?  Once you’ve implemented Themis, it will walk you and your team through each step of a process, reducing the risk of human error and keeping track of your team’s progress so that you don’t have to.  We designed Themis to help managers ensure that the right information is always in front of the right people – so that the right questions can be asked.

Connect at a glance.

Use the Activities Pane to manage more effectively. View your lab’s performance in real time to quickly see who is doing what, what your backlog is, and if you are meeting critical deadlines. You can assign tasks to  analysts or analysts can select from a pool of available tasks. Themis simplifies every step in a case’s process from start to finish.  Plus, you’ll never miss a critical deadline because the software alerts you to approaching due dates.

Use social tools to improve internal and external collaboration.

Themis lets you know exactly what your team is doing through comments, status updates, and other social tools.  When working on a task such as a piece of evidence or analysis, team members can post comments at any step and the comments automatically carry on to subsequent steps, ensuring that each person involved has access to crucial details.  Your team can also use blogs and Wiki pages to share key information with each other.  Best of all, you can collaborate using these social tools from anywhere at any time, even if you’re out of the office, at a crime scene, or in the courtroom.

Work where you want using any internet-connected device.

Use Themis at your desk, in the field, or in the lab – all you need is an Internet connection to log in.  Plus, Themis is designed to work on your tablet, smart phone, or personal computer. Regardless of how or where you connect, know your data is protected by DOD-grade security.

Simplify document management with version-controlled case reports and folders.

Managing hundreds of case-related documents can be an overwhelming and time consuming process.  Themis makes it easier than ever to manage your documents by allowing you to extract key pieces of information and easily attach them to your report. No need to re-invent the wheel. You have easy 1-click access to document locations and can make edits to these documents using familiar programs like Word and Excel®. Since Themis tracks every change, you will always know when changes were made and who made them.  Themis is fully aligned with ISO 17025 and ASCLD standards, ensuring that you have validated version control for every document.

Automate data acquisition by integrating your instruments.

When performing analyses, your analysts spend valuable time recording results – introducing more opportunity for human error.  Themis interfaces and integrates with many instruments to automatically save analytical results to a Themis-specific network drive where the system can sync up the data.

Easily customize reports and forms – without a developer or IT.

Painlessly integrate your organization’s report and form layouts using Microsoft® Word. Themis works with existing forms and reports making it quick and easy to enter information and comply with SOP requirements of your lab.  You can make the changes yourself and avoid the IT helpdesk or time on the phone with customer support.

Prevent inadmissible evidence using bulletproof Chain of Custody.

No one likes dealing with challenges to a Chain of Custody that can potentially render evidence inadmissible, so when legal challenges arise, you need to be confident that your system is bulletproof. Themis ensures that you have the support for detailed, legally defensible custody records by requiring at least one swipe of an ID card for every change of custody.

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