Finally… forensic LIMS software that
is easy to use.

Simple and intuitive design guides you through your tasks. Increase accuracy, save time and money for your lab or property room.

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image description Short learning curve – simpler than ever to adopt.

Themis removes all of the noise and clutter, presenting you with a simplified interface for managing your lab and its data. Analysts are presented with only what they need to see for each step of the process they are working on. Never before has lab software been so intuitive to use.

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image description Manage your entire laboratory, from people to data.

While LIMS software is traditionally all about data, managing a lab also requires knowledge of what people are doing and when they are doing it. Themis includes features for managing the tasks that your people are working on at any given time, and it fosters collaboration with tools for sharing comments and ideas.

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image description Easy to implement, highly configurable LIMS software.

Minimize the amount of time and money you spend implementing new LIMS software. Themis is designed to adapt to your lab’s existing processes, so that every step in your process is recorded in the software.

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